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Tapping up the appeal of the moleskin


Any kind of object can offer a soothing quality…. The Moleskin notebooks, with their characteristic hardcovers, rounded corners, slender proportions and built in elastic band, are to this decade what the Filofax was to the 1980s. Their appeal is not the neurotic organising impulse of the Filofax, but in the faint memory that the notebook contains of a simpler past- not our own necessarily, but a more generic idea of what life was once like even if it never was. On the band that goes round them below the shrinkwrap, they also describe themselves as the ‘legendary notebook of Van Gogh and Matisse, Hemingway and Chatwin‘, and so seem to suggest talent by association.

Deyan Sudjic, The Language of Things

Picture Credit: Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet

2 replies on “Tapping up the appeal of the moleskin”

>One of the chief ideas this book, The Language of Things, explores is our drive to collect things we don't really need.

>I seriously considered buying one a few months ago. then got scared off by the price. it seems moleskin as a brand has latched onto its celebrity usage, much like any other brand, ie cola, or cologne.

And I realised it would be yet another thing I've bought that I don't REALLY need.

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