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I share, you share, why share?

I do schmaltz too often on this blog. Too often I’m inclined to warm, giddy feelings and like a child at a fair for the very first time I jump up and down excitedly screaming, ‘Look, look!’. I want to share. I think it explains too, why I enjoy entertaining, it’s heartwarming to have people share in what’s mine, albeit for a short while . I’m not altogether a people’s person, I’m clumsy in most social settings. I’d dearly like to be quiet and unobtrusive and smile at the world in passing but nothing makes my heart flutter like opening my palm for others to also revel in the butterfly within. I’m a sharing sort of person. I write because I want to share my thoughts, my ideas and often, the only way for me to make sense of my feelings is by sharing them. I’m wondering if this predisposition to share is in fact a display of selfishness, of a constant need to keep myself bolted to the focus of the moment.

Writers are like trees, they grow together but each to their own potential. Like trees, writers help each other grow to their own strength by competing to be their best.
Yu Hua

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>Thank you all for the comments and reassurances 😉

I still think though that there's a possibilty in being selfish in the amount I share. I think there's a definite sense in which sharing is everything but selflessnes.

This might just be the philosophy of a phase I'm negotiating. I may reverse this position in a couple of days, weeks or months.

>I love the quote:
And it needs to be said at risk of being a slogan-roller: sharing is caring 😛

you never know when those words might touch and make a difference.

>It's a similar kind of thing for me. When I first started writing – it was something very private, which I wouldn't dare let anyone read.

Then over time, and with my blog, I opened up and found I *wanted* to share. The key thing, though, is anonymity. Most of my readers don't know me personally, and don't even know my real name. So, my blog became the perfect platform to share and get feedback – while maintaining the privacy which is so important to me.

Anyway, I don't think it's selfish to want to share. We all have goodness within us, and when we're inspired and something beautiful comes out, there's so much joy in sharing it and having it touch other people's hearts.

You know, it's pretty much the same as an artist – it's just sharing an expression of something from within.

>I reckon sharing says I want toinclude you in my life. So keep on sharing and never consider it selfish!


>There's nothing wrong with sharing.
I love it when people do.

I tend to talk too much, not make much sense and tend to overshare just a bit.

Thank you for sharing and allowing others to share 🙂

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