Poetic Leanings

From exploring the course of parallel lines

It cuts to know

You were here

When I wasn’t.

I kept a vigil over these doors

Blessed them hallowed

By your imminent entrance

Any minute now

I said


The clock ticked a wind chime’s dance

Turned the minute to days


After days of waiting and wanting

I walk away



They say you came

Just as I left

Unperturbed about the time

Ready to put your hand in another’s

And it cuts to know

That where you cut me

It still bleeds.


5 replies on “From exploring the course of parallel lines”

>First off – this is a shameless comment because reading your poem reminded me of some of the crappy ones i did (that damn word cut!)

I love poetry but all of mine is morbid for some reason – Im very Sylvia Plath – but i did write a Haiku for her though 🙂
Hey – I should blog this – Haikus that sum up famous dead people 🙂

Plath, possessed,lost soul
heart filled with sorrow, sadness
lungs filled with stove gas

Another crap poem

You left me bleeding on the floor
Thick gashes cling to my cleanly pressed top
with beauty, joy and happiness
Why do I love
Why do I love
Why Do I LOVE hurting myself?
with beauty, joy and happiness
Am I not to blame for these scars
I do not wish for a tabula rasa
with beauty, joy and happiness
But WHO will love this Frankenstein you created?

Last one I promise

Oh yeah – because you love quotes so much –

Donkey: You cut me deep, Shrek. You cut me real deep just now.

>I take it back
Parallel lines don’t always GO in the same direction
Sometimes we follow someone’s path and believe fate put us on the same close, but not close enough, trajectory
Bend, bend further than you ever have 🙂

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