Poetic Leanings

Diversifying into Bono world

Dear Bono,

Parasputin and I have come up with some lyrics. If you do use them, kindly remember us when your company’s paying out royalties , 85% Parasputin, 15% Khadija.

soul like a devil sick of sin

can’t access His love

won’t let me in

‘cos I’m unaware

of His mercy


looking for perdition

from up above

I can’t give in

‘cos I’m unaware

of His mercy



And for the bridge:

you think you need a bridge

but really it’s a key

to open up your heart

and truly see.


We thank you in eager anticipation of fame and fortune,

Khadija and Parasputin.


2 replies on “Diversifying into Bono world”

>i’d say it was more 50/50. and if Bono could throw in the shades and mic-pose lessons, sold.

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