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If ever I get to Paris

I’ll have to do my own cooking, cleaning and laundry.

I’ll have to learn how to iron.

I’ll improve my French, maybe even talk English with a severe French accent.

I’ll wile away my weekends travelling through France.

I’ll be less ambitious and spend my weekends drinking copious amounts of coffee while writing about the linguistic habits of some foreign people.

There’ll be a whole world of other bookstores to pillage through.

I’ll feast on pain au chocolat and croissants.

I’ll think back on the feasts of joy of afore.

I’ll spend my free time blogging, facebooking, IMing with all the people I left behind.

I’ll spend my free time making new friends.

I’ll be part of something significant.

I’ll leave behind the significant parts of who I know myself to be.

I’ll be happy.

I’ll be disjointed.

I’ll be living out a dream.

I’ll be able to forget trashed dreams.

I’ll be among people who don’t stare blankly when I say, ‘sociolinguistics’.

I’ll be among people who will stare at me blankly.

I’ll have to convince a lot of people I can be there.

France is a long way away.


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>sameerah, I’m footloose and fancy free, you’ve got a hubby to answer to, as soon as you get him to agree, we’ll go 😉

global, wow I didn’t know either! Croissants and pain au chocolat don’t attract you? ya salam!

>Didn’t know we had ‘sociolinguistics’ in common! 😉

Your list is very similar to many of mine that I usually write when I tend to unleash my imagination.

The bookstores, the food varities and even the facebooking all attract me similarily. The only difference is that I might not be feasting on ‘pain au chocolat and croissants’ though.

Great post! 🙂

>aasia, I wonder if utopian ideals are at all realistic…

gauri, 🙂 recyclable trash?

nooj, lol i love the analogies. the nooj rocks!
but true, Allah khair ul maakireen.

dew, nooj has a special way with words 😀
glad you enjoyed it.

waseem, you’re quite right. It’s a very valid concern. I have to do some more research there.

>Isn’t there laws in France promoting secularism, might make lifebit tough. Apologies for playing devils advocate. This is me being a compulsive worrier

>”because i was scared the very words on my frontal cortex would crack so many delicate egg shells”

I loved reading this.

>pieces of my heart fell out while reading this because i was scared the very words on my frontal cortex would crack so many delicate egg shells

for me. it is like cupcakes in an oven whose temperature is regulated by the current world markets.

If Allah Wills. His Will be done

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