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Towards the construction of a new identity

…date stamped 31 August 2002, … 25,000 supporters of the APF, LPM, and many other organisations marching from the poverty of Johannesburg’s Alexandra township to the steps of the UN’s Summit for Sustainable Development in wealthy Sandton. The world’s leaders, safe in air-conditioned luxury, are protected by South African police and troops, and a minister representing the local mediators of globalisation is booed off the demonstrators‘ stage. Most of the protesters have dark brown skins, but some are lighter in complexion, and some are quite pale. There are men and women, young and old, people who are HIV-negative and others who are Positive, gays and straights, communists, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus. Many languages are spoken, but almost everyone understands the English of the platform speakers. Most of the marchers are poor and unemployed, but among them are many workers, some of them are union members. There are representatives from other countries, and there is even a sprinkling of students and lecturers from local universities. This is a new identity of difference, and with one voice it loudly proclaims: ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE!

Peter Alexander

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>And of course, the possibilities are endless when that first step is taken. Creative ‘construction’ has a responsiblity, and that intention to recreate identity in a responsible way is what will feed the process.

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