Poetic Leanings

The face of a world’s feast- Inspired by Saaleha’s Histogram of the bereft


The granite table

Is the finest Rustenburg black

A sturdy rock in a German show kitchen

Tonight it’s decked for a feast

Silver charger plates,

Gleaming cutlery,

One of many special sets of Japan’s finest China is dusted off,

Glasses of crystal, their stems, knots of blue and green-

Beautifully crafted

Ridiculously tiny

We’ll reach for man-size plastic soon

We always do

These glasses offer no more than a trickle at a time

It’s kola tonic that’s our poison,

No champagne at this table

Just a cocktail of coveted black liquid so cleverly blended with a product of the Coca-Cola Company.

“Hey it’s the way the world rolls.”


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