Poetic Leanings

“Revolution changes everything- past, present, future”

My friend Ayesha, medical doctor and lyrically leaning blogger, tagged me in this note on Facebook:

revolution’s gone viral

dear young unemployed Arab

may I tweet your revolution from my Apple Mac?

may I go viral with revolutionary tweets?

I you-tube you praying on the streets

and yfrog your flag-covered corpse while

riding high on revolutionary retweeting fervor


In response, I’ve written this:

Some years on

wrinkled from living too long in the shine of a mythical sun

bodies old and minds undone

regaling the children who may have already gone

With pining faces and longing hearts of that one, one

tumultuous tumble in the bed of  Janvier’s revolution

Smiling fondly through teeth proved false

Recalling pithy parts in  someone else’s cause

We deny well the walls

In the wings of the blue bird’s horse.

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