Poetic Leanings

Of life, death and family

While she lay

Suspended tenuously between life and death

We chased a marching band down the street

We giggled with Glee, stopped traffic

And then we prayed

All of us together

Our heads bowed in silence, respect, an uneasy anticipation

We prayed

We laughed

She made us laugh one last time

And between the kitchen and her room

To and fro

So many people

A few hundred cups of tea

We prayed together

Family and friends, family and well-wishers, family and strangers

We sat together around her bed

Listening to the whirr of the oxygen machine

Passing around strips of Sour Punk

Stifling giggles at our own impertinence

And then we went back to praying


For her.

With her.

“Don’t forget me,” she said.

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