Poetic Leanings


I want to explain.

I’ve never meant to be callous.

I want to spare your feelings.

Somehow I knew this was coming.

It’s the way you spoke to me.

I tried dissuading you.

I ignored your messages.

I hoped you’d realise that I was not with you that way inclined.

If I could redirect your question to someone who would readily accept…

You say to forgive you if you are out of line.

I respect you for asking.

I do.

My vanity is not flattered in refusing you.

But I could never possibly…


I can’t.

I won’t.

I just can’t.

It’s just a word.


A shake of the head.

Thank you for asking.

I wish I could be more delicate.

I take no pride in refusing you.

My head is bowed, my eyes sombre, my heart breaking for you.

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