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Morning, Morning


I love summer mornings. Winter mornings are slumberous, unwilling to raise with you. Summer mornings are a friend, smiling brightly with you through the morning humdrum.

Now let me get some real work done.


I’ve just thought about the doormen at the Michelangelo hotel, they have quite a turn of Arabic phrase serving them well with the many, many Saudi tourists frequenting the hotel . ‘Saba7l khair’ they’ll say as they tip their top hats in a flourish after opening your car door, ‘Saba7l noor’, I reply, ‘Saba7l basboosa,‘ says the tophatted one. A morning like a basbosa to all of you mes amis.


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>gauri, you clumy, clumsy girl! lol deleted a whole blog??? lol it’s ok you’re the second person I know who’s inadverdantly hit delete so you can feel better 😉

And not just craving basboosa, jeddah food! I love yiiidzlir the leb restaurant, it’s not very glamorous but the food’s always so good and the company even better.

crimson, 🙂 let us all float aloft with the sun. merci.

globalcitizen, they are, yea. 🙂

waseem, lol, sweet lagan, the SA version of basboosa :p

>That looks kinda like lagan, not the aamir khan movie, the baked thing.

That word is hard to pronounce – basbosa

>Blog deleted by accident. Stupidity confirmed. *shame*

I need the doorman to make me feel better.

>soon it is summer,
and the sun will be in bloom again.

a basbosa dela` rosa to you too good friend 🙂

>Is someone craving a basboosa 😛
I’ve never been to SA, though my brother and I made an agreement to go there during the World Cup 😛

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