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Ja-Nee we’re all just doorkeepers in the end

Listen, you see

Between you and me

Between the illustrious illusion that is us-all

There is only a door

Ornate in its squalor

And depraved in its desire.


I’ve tramped through mud and danced with Orwellian pigs to get here-

I know

I said I had no expectations

I know

I swore just to say hi-

A proper lie

I know


I’dve thought to be welcome here

I know

I’ve left another door ajar that should long ago have been locked

I know

I know

I chanced upon the door to Atlantis knocked down


To find a firmly shut door



Even after

My own fool’s rendition of

Open Sesames, karate-kid style kicks, childish squeals

And the belatedly polite knock-


This door remains more stubborn

Than my resolution

To heretofore

Be a full team of one.


5 replies on “Ja-Nee we’re all just doorkeepers in the end”

>aah, journeying onwards is the key. pun intended, of course 🙂

close whats behind and open the ones ahead. asia’s words resonate. those open-sesame’s work by association of forward looking. loved this! it flowed in a way not dissimilar to how the road ahead should look to you 😛

all the best, lady kay..


>Keep that door shut love, it doesn’t need re-opening, EVER!!!

As soon as you take your eyes off that door, you see the other pathways leading you outside to the sunlight 🙂

>i love the lines:

ornate in its squalor
depraved in its desire

there’s always a “secret garden” full of treausres somewhere, i believe, if we keep up an exploring spirit

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