Poetic Leanings

Homespun hodgepodge honeypot



He liked me in white; He liked me in pink.

When I was the person he liked

I turned my nose up at pastels

I bought only white.

When I liked the person he liked

I piously praised more colour

I bought only pink.

Now heโ€™s off to Godaloneknowswhere

And his eyes are closed

But my drawerโ€™s still half and half

Neatly folded bundles of pink and white at ease

Like spookasem spun on a stick.

Pink frilly nothings and staid white everythings

Readying themselves invitingly to be worn today

Surreptitiously stifling the black of me beneath.

(spookasem: Afrikaans for cotton candy; literally ghost breath)

4 replies on “Homespun hodgepodge honeypot”

>Ren, you old crow! Where the devil have you been? Dress code of the wise that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shafs, I think emotions, whether those of male or female, are fragile at best.

Fatima, Glad you enjoyed it.

>hmm… ditto what i said before ๐Ÿ™‚

also, a woman's emotions are very delicate. just like ghosts breathe.


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