Poetic Leanings

Flying fish

Wading through chlorined waters, I look up and see a fish flying across the late afternoon sky.

I saw a silver fish

dolphin shaped

stream lined

flutter across my late afternoon sky.

Too tiny to be a plane

too high to be a kite

unfashionably obscure to be a blimp.

it marked a merry way across my late afternoon sky.

Smiling a secret smile for a secret happiness

alone in blue sparking waters

with scant substantiation

and no want of steely determination

I watched a fish fly across my late afternoon sky.

Titillating teasing

tumulting treacherously through the clouds

while I treaded water desperate to keep its watch

it turned on its back

waving a fond farewell

and then flewaway


from my afternoon sky.

2 replies on “Flying fish”

I enjoyed this. Made me think of long hot afternoons staring into the sky as a child and seeing strange things that made me rub my eyes and then they were gone. This writing has a dream-like quality.

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