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White Washed Windies

The Proteas have made amends for their abysmal performance in the T20 World Cup. White washing the West Indies in both the T20 and ODI formats will certainly go some way towards taking the team into a new era. New combinations have been tried, the top order have been in blistering form, but as good as The Proteas were in this series the West Indies were woeful. We need to be cautious in celebrating this victory.

Chris Gayle, an individual talent stands head and shoulders above his team. And not just literally. His frustration with his team was exemplified in his blow out with spinner Suleman Benn in Dominca on Monday and Benn’s exclusion from the team yesterday ultimately cost the West Indies much-needed variation to their attack. The perennial reliance on Chris Gayle is unhealthy. On the day that Zimbabwe’s second defeat of India was celebrated as a victory for the development of the game, the cricketing world should also be concerned at the state of West Indian cricket. World cricket needs a strong West Indian team.

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