>What does it all mean?

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The original video from Carl Fisch, a US educator, is almost two years old but this spin-off was recently sumbled upon, leaving me awe inspired. Growth, for the sake of growth, is apparantly the ideology of the cancer cell, or so says, Edward Abbey. Is growth really synonymous with progress? Or is growth merely a product of progress?

What does it all really mean?

Nooj and I chatted briefly about what it means to us:


and the answer is- we really don’t know
9:43 PM me: scary that with all that info there’s still so much undiscovered territory, or should that be exciting
9:45 PM noorjehaan: i guess it should be exciting
its just tough to keep up with it all
and tough trying to know as much as the next person
its like we’re running and running like rats on those merry go rounds
9:46 PM well that’s how i feel about it
others may feel they get somewhere

8 minutes
9:54 PM me: i read such a poignant passage on the rat race
trying to think where

10 minutes
10:04 PM me: “Foucault’s work draws attention to the fact that many assumptions in a culture are maintained by language practices that comprise a common tool both for knowing the world and for constructing it. By construction, here, we mean the translation of physical realities into discursive realities. The “dominant discourse” of the US for example, is one that lends great privilege to the “freedom” of the individual. The physical reality of modern life is hemmed in and constrained in many complex ways, from laws that allow police to search automobiles without cause to an economic system that requires enormous amounts of time spent at the workplace under someone else’s control.
10:05 PM Nevertheless, this physical and institutional reality is reduced in American lexicon as “freedom”.

…Just as all women were far from being chaste, silent and obedient, despite what the dominant discourse of the advice or courtesy books mandated, so also most Americans have limited access to the kind of pure freedom the dominant term seems to imply.

What Foucault noted was that the world we live in is shaped as much by language as by knowledge as or perception. Indeed, according to him, knowledge and perception always occur through mediation of language. We would not be able to know anything if we were not able to order the world linguistically in certain ways.

(Rivkin &Ryan: 2004. Introduction Structuralims, Linguistics, Narratology in Literary Theory: An Anthology 2nd edition, edited by Julie Rivkin & Michael Ryan. Malden, Mass: Blackwell : 53-54)

I find that extract very fitting here. But c’est moi, what does it mean to you?

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>Nooj’s real identity is noorjehaan 😮

Rat race was this movie with rowan atkinson who had narcolepsy.

I think you should ask Nooj to show you this circles thing, so you can save you from worrying, cos stress is a disease.

>The truth is that with EQ levels almost non-existant and the chequebook the new bible, most people think progress is consumerism. More crap we dont need. We forget the importance of quality of life. Think about how many people say I could never leave the city. And I often ask why? what is so important in a city that we need that sort of stress. So as we find new places to build great view apartment blocks so people can literally live on top of each other, are we progressing or sowing the seeds to our demise? The universe can only hope.

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