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This is too much like that ad, we cooked, cooked, and cooked and now for some fun, we bake.

There’s a mountain of recycled Al Aseel boxes on the dining room server, not eidiyya for the all the men in the family, just yum-yum for everybody. 

8 replies on “This is too much like that ad, we cooked, cooked, and cooked and now for some fun, we bake.”

>Eid mubarak Khadija!
Many more to come, insh’Allah πŸ˜€
And those look rather yummy!

>WIP, the luck of the gene pool ;p eid mubarak to you too!

waseem, eid mubarak to you too!
Durban blogger friends? where’s durban? :p

globalcitizen, and to you too! w kel 3am w intm b5air!

mj,eid mubarak to you too!
it’s from a recipe i found in mum’s recipe file, can’t remember the proper name, something about pecan nuts and coffee. was meant to use pecans, but I think hazels work much better with coffee.

subhanallah! may we always have enough time to pause to appreciate the little details that make up the big picture.

lol… i think in south africa, daffa has won the battle, ‘they gave him a DAFFA…’ like they’ve gifted gold.

>disagree with your label – its an amazing pic πŸ™‚ what is it though?
Eid mubaruk to you and your loved ones.

I just put my Kurtah back on and I can smell my fathers attar on it. That made me smile. No idea why im sharing that with you – I guess i’m appreciating the little things more and more these days.

I remember the Al Aseel/ Daffa wars we used to have – bared a resemblance to the Coke/Pepsi wars in the eighties. Ive always preferred daffa, but now I could cae less wat I wear as long as I dont trip myself while walking

>Eid mubarak, those look delicious πŸ™‚

You should send some to your Durban Blogger friends hint hint πŸ˜€

>Hmmm that looks good. Lol I always tease my mum and tell her she should’ve been in the ad cos she really does cook and cook… and bake for fun πŸ˜› Clearly, I missed out on that gene! Eid Mubarak.

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