>Perception is a convenience store


A riposte so fine, I had to share, ‘Lady, I know I’m in jeans and you’re all throwing that scarf around over your suit, but two years of blogging has left me pretty confident that my thought is rigorous’.

(From, here)

Perception is the squalid, little corner store you know since childhood, where the old man, now long dead, stood smiling behind a bright counter pouring free chappies into your clammy hands. You know the store so well now, you serve yourself in its dingy recesses only to learn that the currency of pompous prejudice is least likely to get you out of there alive.

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>tazeen, i agree that prejudice is normal, natural even, but our prejudices aren’t always mutual or socially acceptable.

>there is nothing wrong with being a little prejudiced towards a few things.

For instance, i am prejudiced against obscurantism and stupidity, and i think everyone should be.

>OH, I agree, we all are prejudiced in some way.Sometimes unguided perception can be disastrous.

gauri, you’re starting to sound like me 😛 but so true.

>”Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen”
Albert Einstein
I hate to agree

>Problem is, we’re all a little pompous and prejudice.  I know i’m a little bit of a snob.But you learn sometimes, ppl are not who they seem on the outside. Ppl are not who they pretend to be. Good and bad.

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