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English Language To Be Refudiated

Johannesburg-Linguists, lexicographers and self-appointed purveyors of linguistic purity gathered late, Sunday 18 July, at an undisclosed location, south of the south-western semantic web,  to admit to the tongue-that-terrorised-the-world-for-centuries, a lexeme even the staunchest colonialists, war-mongers and cultural chauvinists have historically neglected. English language users, including those of the British isles, have been strongly urged to place an aesthetically-compromising, perspective-narrowing cover across their dictionaries to mitigate any effects of the exclusion of the word, refudiate, on their linguistic prowess. Disgruntled users will also be able to present their dictionaries at their nearest talk shop for a full refund. Amid the general bafflement and deep-seated confusion on the usage of the word across the English speaking world, Language Gatekeepers have released the following update for English Language (V2010/7/18.20):


[ri-fyood-i-eyt] verb. 1. to enact a highly convoluted affectation of American politics  2. to be a good, little Moslem and disappear off the face of the Earth, or preferably, just America.

2010;  (Twitter update); Ms. Sarah Palin; See also, racism, xenophobia, bigotry, islamophobia.

Industry experts have however already expressed disappointment at the update, claiming it does not sufficiently accommodate for usage as a proper noun. In response to the turmoil, the Safe-Usage Council of the United Languages is scheduled to convene early on Monday to allow key member states the right to veto any steps to concrete action.

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