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Call the sangomas, something needs to change

It was painful to watch the Proteas slump to yet another defeat. After cussing AB for what must rate as one of the silliest ways to get out, I wondered if perhaps a visit to the sangoma by upper echelons of South African cricket had yielded some undesired effects. Dressing room muti gone wrong?

There is just no way we can naturally be this useless. Like sluggish automatons, we just cannot seem to put a more virile approach to our batting. We’ve been woeful this tournament. Sure, our bowling hasn’t been brilliant. Langeveldt and Steyn are head and shoulders above the rest of the attack but our batting line up should be backing themselves to go after any score. Instead, we slur and stutter and slither away cowardly. After the first defeat to India, we put on our characteristically South African smiles beamed the hope of the nation and reassuringly told each other that we could only improve from that. Instead, we’ve managed only a victory against lowly Afghanistan and another against New Zealand.

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