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Plotting SA’s post-Marikana scenarios: grim pictures dominate

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I spoke to Kofi Kouakou, a scenario planner at the University of the Witwatersrand, about mapping future scenarios for the mining industry in South Africa, as well as the ripple effects of continuing standoff in Marikana on the rest of the country. The emerging picture is not pretty, with ramifications looming in other mines, other industries, and all the way to Mangaung.

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In Marikana, local government’s failures in plain sight

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Daily Maverick, 10 September 2012 Small Koppie, the site where police are alleged to have shot and killed at least twenty people at close range on August 13, is currently under intense scrutiny. Researchers, human rights activists and journalists have all flocked there in a feverish attempt to piece together what actually happened. But Small Koppie, before it became the site of so much media attention, before it was the site of death, served a more basic function to the community from the nearby Wonderkop settlement – as an open-air latrine for residents without pit toilets near their...

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Stuck in the mud in Marikana

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Thursday was not a good day to visit Marikana - particularly for us city folk. Too used to crouching over computers in air-conditioned offices from where we could better appreciate the first rains of the season, we headed out to the Wonderkop settlement in cars and vans laden with audiovisual equipment to find voices from the community. We ended up with cars that stubbornly refused to move on the muddy dirt roads. And knee-deep in grey sludge, wading through fields of litter in pursuit of a way out of there, we realised this community has to do deal with this all the time. So why not listen when they say they’ve had enough of it?

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Marikana: A mining town on edge

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Marikana was back in the news again on Wednesday; but then again, it never really left. At the scene of a protracted wage struggle between mineworkers and the world’s third-largest primary platinum producer, the stand-off continues and tensions keep rising around the town’s future. Yet the residents are surprisingly clear on where they stand. I took a walk through the streets of Marikana, and met some of those making their living in the area.

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Analysis: NUM – Rich history, unforgiving present

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Towering over trains in Park Station in Johannesburg, a billboard advertising the 30th anniversary of the formation of the National Union of Mineworkers is a timely reminder of the history of the union. Sure, that history may be a proud one. But what’s the future?

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Gold Fields strike: With or without Malema, NUM’s credibility is at stake

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Julius Malema, as self-appointed leader of the mining revolution, addressed striking workers at Gold Fields’ KDC East gold mine in Westonaria on Monday. He listened to grievances, made the right noises, and got a rousing welcome from an audience of thousands.

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