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Chained to the stove and jabbering to my clique- I’m no more liberated than my great grandmother was.

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Gossip, chatter, nag, rabbit, yak and natter- These are terms used to refer to women’s conversations, implying that women’s talk is superfluous and rather pointless. Women’s talk is often described in terms seldom used about men’s talk. Men, it would seem, attain significance in brevity. Research has shown that men, on the whole, talk far more than women. The stereotype, however, continues to thrive. Cell C have recently developed a niche product called ‘Winc‘, ‘women incorporated’. A mobile phone package designed specifically for women,...

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For Sheroug, 20 bits of nonsense

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Even as the most prolific bloggers among us question the friendships the blogs have spawned, there remain certain friendships which ill deserve time under the harsh light of doubt. One among the vast number of friends I’m grateful to have made through blogging is Sheroug of 8bits of cofee fame. This is in honor of Sheroug, who a few days ago, said her I dos. For Sheroug, who held firm on what she wanted and had the backbone to stand up for it, you are a harbinger of hope for everybody struggling to piece together the courage to want something more than what the present dishes out. ...

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After reading The Language of Things

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> The Language of Things is a remarkable book, well worth its rather hefty price tag. It begins as a critique of contemporary consumerist culture with witty one-liners and knowing insights into what exactly makes us go shop-shop. Many of the points Sudjic punches out within the first few pages echo some of my deepest reservations against my own spendthrift, accumulating ways. Never have more of us had more possessions than we do now, even as we make less and less use of them. The homes in which spend so little time are filled with things….They are our toys: consolations for the...

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